We service an area within 40 miles of area code 98077 (Woodinville, WA). The basic service fees listed apply to service areas within 20 miles. An additional charge of $35 is applied for service distances in excess of 20 and up to 40 miles.

Yes, we provide repair services for all small engine power equipment. This includes trimmers, blowers, lawn tractors, generators, power washers, and chain saws.

We ask for equipment and engine model and serial numbers before coming out to service your equipment. The best way to provide that information is by taking a picture of the model number attached to the equipment and then sending that picture via text or email.

Yes, it is possible to drop off your equipment and then pick it up when repairs are complete. However, the value of our service is to provide repairs on your equipment at your location. For more extensive repairs (ex. welding, transmission repair, engine rebuild, etc.), we offer to pick up your equipment and then return it to you when repairs are complete. 

No, it is not necessary to be present for the repairs. All communication is done in advance to set up the repair appointment, so as long as the equipment is accessible, repairs can be complete and we will provide you an invoice electronically.

Most general servicing like oil changes, carburetor cleanings, and tune-ups are completed in less than two hours. 

All service is done by appointment only. Because we come to your location, we will work with you to set up the best time to get access to your power equipment and perform the work. If ordering parts is required, we will set up an appointment in advance that provides enough time to receive all the parts needed to make the repairs.

It depends on the condition of the blade. Sometimes blades are bent or so badly damaged that they would be hazardous to use. In those situations, it is safer and more cost effective for us to order new blades to install. 

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